“The Plan”

Starting Point

Current Weight: 165

Goal Weight (after 4 months): 145

During my pregnancy, I weighed 183 at my heaviest. I’m actually now at the same weight I was before my pregnancy, but I would like to lose a bit more and get more fit. So, here’s a picture for the beginning mark:

Sexy, right?


The Plan

Simplicity is the key. My goal with this blog is to motivate me to get into shape by sharing my progress in real time, and maybe help to motivate someone else who wants to get fit but doesn’t have a lot of money or time to go to the gym for an hour every day. I know I don’t!

Lara Croft is my inspiration, but since I’m not actually a wealthy British archaeologist, currently the only Lara-esque things about me are my long hair and my boobs – the latter is thanks to breastfeeding 😉 Maybe someday in the future I might have the means to learn something awesome like rock climbing, scuba diving, archery, or how to ride a motorcycle, but in the meantime my main focus is on the following areas: diet, exercise, and sleep and wellness. These are based on the Healthy For Good movement by the American Heart Association. I’ll give more specifics soon on each of those things and share some recipes and tips for fitting in workouts when you have a busy schedule. Until next time, peeps!


Incidentally, I actually have been on a motorcycle. I got it in gear, but it was too big for me to actually ride and I ended up tipping it over 😀5160_1135749484295_5418754_n




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