Week 1 Update

Weight: 163. Yay!! Already lost 2 lbs!!

Diet: We did good this week. Yesterday, for example, I had oatmeal, an apple, and tea for breakfast. For lunch, a baked potato with a bit of chili, some celery and carrots, and a fruit smoothie. And gallo pinto (fried rice and beans) with sweet peas, milk, string cheese and grapes for dinner.  Usually I have a snack somewhere in there as well, like a protein bar or something, but yesterday I slept for most of the day since the baby had her shots on Friday and the poor thing kept me up most of Friday night. So I caught up on sleep with her on Saturday and just stuck with the three square meals and no snacks.

Cheat days: I personally don’t do cheat days, but I will do cheat meals, usually just one per week if I’m craving ice cream or pizza, or if I know that we’re going out to eat or having a family event like someone’s birthday. You don’t have to do cheat meals (or days) if you don’t want to. I know sometimes when you get into the zone and are eating really clean and healthy, you don’t want to break that streak by eating junk. But for me, I feel that if I know that I can indulge every now and then, it helps me to keep going knowing that I don’t have to give up Doritos or Twizzlers forever for the rest of my life 😉

Exercise: I stuck to the schedule. For those following the PopSugar channel, I’m just going through the Beginner’s Workouts playlist to start with. My rest days for this week happened to be Tuesday and Saturday. I try to get the 30 day abs and yoga workouts in first thing in the morning, while baby’s still sleeping, and then I’ll do PopSugar a bit later in the afternoon. If I do all the workouts at once, I find that it’s hard to have the stamina by the time I need to do the PopSugar one. On days when I go on walks with the baby, I usually go in the evenings, and sometimes I’ll go walking on rest days, just because it’s very low impact and makes me feel good.

Wellness: I’ve been getting as much sleep as I can, and I usually get to bed at least before 10pm. I’d like to get to bed by 8:30pm since I wake up at 3am to go teach online, but that all depends on if the baby wants to get to bed on time or not. For those who don’t know, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression shortly after giving birth. I started medications and they helped a lot, so about three months after the birth I began to wean myself off of them by just taking a pill every other day. Lately I have been feeling a little more stressed on days that I don’t take the pill, so I think I’ll go with one more bottle and try to wean off again a little later. But I do feel that the exercise helps a lot to release endorphins, and meditation helps me slow down and not feel that I have to rush to get everything done before the baby needs me again.

So let me know how your week went, and if you tried any of the ideas from this blog or used your own ideas. How did they work for you? Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

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