Week 2 Update

Weight: 162 lbs (lost a pound)

Diet: Blah…

Exercise: Blah…

Wellness: Got plenty of sleep this week

So, poor baby H got her shots last week and had a fever over the weekend. Then on Sunday, out of nowhere, I suddenly started to feel achy on my way home from visiting my mom’s, and ended up in bed with a fever and constant chills. So basically, I didn’t do much exercise until Friday, and pretty much every day this week was a cheat day because I just ate what sounded good. Plus, it was those last few days before I went grocery shopping on the weekend, so we were out of the fresh, good, healthy stuff in the fridge.

I was happily surprised to note that while I was eating a bunch of sugary and salty food, my body really would have preferred to eat more healthy choices. For example, I went to Chik-Fil-A with my dad and got a combo meal there. It was good, but I could have done just as well without it. In the past, I would have gobbled it down and wished there was more afterwards. My body wants to eat clean and be healthy, and that makes me so happy!

Anyway, needless to say, I didn’t get much done physically this week, but this next week we should be right back on track. I’ll have a nice, long, juicy article ready to go on Tuesday as well. This week, I did get plenty of rest, and baby H got some nice quality time with her daddy while I slept. Life is good.


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