Week 3 Update/Inspiration

So, since last week I was sick, I was really looking forward to getting back on the wagon this week and working out and eating clean again. It worked for about the first three days of this week, but then on Wednesday, for some reason I started to feel really hungry, and nothing would make me feel full. So I started to binge and haven’t stopped until Friday night.

As an example, on Friday I ate a handful of caramel M&Ms at 3am as I was waiting in front of the computer for my tutoring classes to begin. I didn’t eat breakfast since I decided to just fall asleep with baby H. We woke up around 11am and I ate 2 protein bars and some beef jerky. For lunch, I had a big salad, a bowl of Cheese-Its, and another protein bar, along with two s’mores.

Doesn’t sound too bad so far, right? I’m still eating a couple of healthy things, although my meals are looking a little weird. Well, in the afternoon, I bought and ate an entire container of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Then for dinner, I had a chicken pot pie, two more s’mores, another bowl of Cheese-Its, and a glass of milk.

This has been going on almost all week, combined with the fact that I haven’t exercised hardly at all. And you know something? I don’t care!

That’s right! I don’t care! I’m not saying that it’s a good idea to eat junk food every day and forget about working out. But if it happens, (and it will happen), there’s no reason to feel guilty and let it get you down and make you give up.

I don’t know if anyone is following this blog at all or if you’re trying out my workout and diet plans, or doing your own, or not worrying about it at all. The point is, I started this blog to motivate me to become healthier, and I have seen results. I’ll keep working at it and see how I do next week. Whatever you are doing for fitness, don’t ever give up, and know that you are amazing just for trying!

Here‘s my inspiration for the day. Alicia Vikander is amazing!


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