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Quick Disclaimer: Although Alicia Vikander used the keto diet to slim down for her role in the 2018 Tomb Raider movie, and Angelina Jolie also used a low carb, high protein diet to prepare to star in the earlier Tomb Raider films, I won’t be following any specific style of diet.


Every person’s body is different and needs different things, so what works for me might not work for you, although I will post meal plans and recipes if anyone would like to try those out. As for the keto diet, you can go here to find out more information on it if you are interested. I won’t be following that diet because 1) I’m breastfeeding, and my body does wacky things on its own while producing milk, and I don’t want to change my metabolism too drastically while that’s going on, and 2) Following keto or any other diet that requires strict monitoring of calories or macros or completely eliminating certain food groups is more stress than I want to dedicate to eating. At best, I don’t do the diet correctly and feel like I’m starving, and at worst, I cheat and completely abandon the diet and get discouraged.

My Diet Style

The three things to keep in mind for me with eating healthy are 1) Eat small portions frequently, 2) Drink lots of water, and 3) Eat like a diabetic – that is, eat less sugar and processed foods and more whole foods and fruits and veggies.

1. Eat Small Portions Frequently

Here’s an example of what I ate yesterday:

Diet (1)

Breakfast: Cheerios with 1% milk, apple, herbal tea

Morning snack: Banana and almonds

Lunch: Sloppy Joe, fruit and veggie cubes, Ramon salad, water

Afternoon snack: Triscuit crackers and string cheese

Dinner: Lentil soup, garden salad, blueberry avocado smoothie

Tip: I try to eat a serving of fruit or veggies with each meal

2. Drink lots of water

At least 8 cups a day!

3. Eat like a diabetic

During my last trimester, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I didn’t want to have to take insulin, so I controlled my eating and got in a half hour of exercise a day. This kept my blood sugar down and I ended up losing weight towards the last weeks of my pregnancy. The main rules that I followed with this eating behavior was avoiding processed sugar and limiting processed foods, and eating less sodium.

I don’t have diabetes anymore, but I am at a higher risk for developing diabetes, especially if I decide to become pregnant again. This is another motivator for me to live healthy and develop good habits.

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