Tomb Raider Style

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30 day abs: There are several free 30 day fitness challenge apps out there, I just chose one that focuses on abdominal strength to start out with.

PopSugar: This YouTube channel  is amazing! They have a ton of videos for all different fitness levels, and everything from quick 5 minute yoga sequences to 45 minute endurance training. I put this as a must-do workout for every day except Saturday, because I’ve personally seen the results. This is a picture of me from about 4 years ago, after doing PopSugar workouts for a couple of months:


So yeah, you get results

Yoga: This is just another app I downloaded on my phone. Like the 30 day workouts, there’s a lot of yoga apps to choose from.

Saturday activity: This is just something fun and different that I can do that day, like hiking, swimming, jogging, dance, biking, etc

Training Schedule

Colorful Simple Dotted Weekly Calendar

Keep in mind that if you want to use this routine, make it your own! Don’t have time to work out for 40+ minutes every day? Lose the 30 day abs challenge, or do 10 minutes of PopSugar instead of 20. The point is to make lifestyle changes that will become habits, so these workouts should be something that you look forward to and that will easily fit into a busy schedule. Good luck!

Update: September Routine

Colorful Simple Dotted Weekly Calendar (1)

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